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Experts in our field, we are a private, confidential service specialising in coaching & therapy support for employees of businesses with emotional problems that may be affecting their work directly or indirectly. As qualified and registered therapists, we have delivered 1-2-1 counselling services across Yorkshire area for over 23 years.

From the very first consultation, we help your staff feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

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A positive investment in your team’s mental health and well-being can reduce stress, lead to greater job satisfaction, improve morale and develop a more productive team. Our coaching and therapy can help address both work-related issues, such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger Management or Bullying, and personal issues such as Relationships, Depression, Self Belief & Confidence & Addiction amongst other things.



A major and often unseen issue for employees in Anxiety.

They may suffer from feelings of worry, anxiety attacks, depressing thoughts or even phobias. More often than not you will not be aware of these feelings as they can be hidden very well.

We have helped hundreds of people reduce their negative thinking and unhelpful patterns that feed their symptoms.

Marriage & Relationships


Your staff may be feeling the strain at home. This can have huge effects on their work and wellbeing.

Working through issues, one at a time, and having the space to talk individually without being interrupted can help.

We help them feel listened to, as well as teaching specialist techniques to communicate effectively to rebuild trust and get their family back.

Stress & Panic


When a member of staff suffers with workplace stress it can have a detrimental effect on output and wellbeing.

Often caused from responsibilities and pressures against a perceived lack of skills, understanding and experience.

Our confidential and objective support helps them to regain control over their mental approach to work and expectations.

Anger Management


Self destructive, negative, irritable, aggressive behaviour at work can destroy team morale, lead to negative feelings towards individuals and at worst cause complaints and tribunals.

Together we uncover the underlying causes of this anger, irritability, low mood and temper and help start to think and behave in a more calmer way.

Self Belief & Confidence


Do you think that some members of staff would improve with a bit more confidence?

An increase in self belief can help reduce mistakes, accomplish tasks more effecitvely and excel as a team member.

With our help and support it is possible to grow your staff’s confidence and self belief.



Is a member of staff constantly feeling sad and has lost interest in the job? They may be suffering with depression.

A lack of concentration, pessimism, low energy and easily fatigued can reduce the effectiveness of staff.

We discover the underlying causes of the depression and work on negative and pessimistic thinking to improve sleep, taking better care of themselves and ultimately their work.



Often a symptom of stress, addictions can take the form of alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, gambling, sex, shopping.

This dependence often causes problems for themselves, colleagues and their work.

Working within a tailor-made individual program of therapy we identify the triggers, then teach techniques to understand and stop compulsions.

Eating Healthily


Many employees are often set in the wrong mindset to eat healthily. They can be stuck in bad habits, eating a poor diet and often grabbing low quality food on the go.

Changing this mindset can influence the person’s long-term health and work productivity.

Being positive about one’s diet and eating healthily can elevate mood, energy and self-esteem. It can also be a major factor in reducing anxiety and stress.



Its quite simple. Smoking has a direct impact on staff illness, absenteeism and productivity.

Our highly effective stopping smoking hypnotherapy program helps your staff never return to the bad habit ever again.

We turn negative patterns of smoking into more positive healthier non-smoking ones, putting your staff back in control of being non-smokers.


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