Counselling & Therapy Services For Businesses
Discover your strengths while learning new confidence building skills & techniques that will help empower you to make more positive choices, reach your desired goals, change the negatives in your life and become more assertive and positive.
Topics covered include:
  • Learn the importance of having confidence.
  • Discover the steps to building confidence.
  • Learn the language of confident people.
  • Regain lost confidence, at work or at home.
  • Learn to stop putting yourself down.
  • Learn to say no.
  • The importance of speaking up for yourself.
  • The differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.
  • Learn and maintain new assertiveness skills.
  • Tips and skills for confidence, at work or at home.
Duration: 1 x 3 hours session
Venue: Live With A Qualified Therapist Onsite, Offsite or Online Via Zoom
Start Date: On Demand
Training Style: Informal, Friendly, Confidential, Interactive
Ideal For: Managers/Directors/Employees
Group Size: 6-20 people
Cost: £450

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