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This course provides an overview of bullying and basic counselling skills that can help effectively deal with people that are being bullied or bullying.
Topics covered include:
  • What is bullying.
  • What is cyberbullying.
  • Why people bully.
  • Examples of behaviours.
  • Difference between bullying and harassment.
  • Importance of perception.
  • Effects of bullying.
  • Identifying the signs of bullying.
  • How to respond in situations where bullying is present.
  • What to do if a person is a bully.
  • How to support and talk to victims of bullying.
Duration: 1 x 3 hours session
Venue: Live With A Qualified Therapist Onsite, Offsite or Online Via Zoom
Start Date: On Demand
Training Style: Informal, Friendly, Confidential, Interactive
Ideal For: Managers/Directors/Employees
Group Size: 6-20 people
Cost: £450

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