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Anger can become a problem when it is not managed or controlled properly and causes harm to you, property and other people. Anger issues often start in childhood and take many years to develop.
Our training helps you to develop and work within a working environment, that keeps to a minimum anger that is unwarranted, triggered quickly or happening too often.
Topics covered include:
  • What is the anger cycle.
  • Understand the fight or flight theory.
  • Common anger myths.
  • The different types of anger.
  • Identify anger warning signs.
  • The difference between direct or passive anger.
  • How to avoid shame spirals.
  • How to stop taking things so personally.
  • How to interrupt negative emotional cycles.
  • How to express your anger.
  • Why stress fuels your anger.
  • How to control your thoughts and mistaken beliefs.
  • Difficulties that anger causes to people and an organisation.
  • The root causes of anger.
  • Develop skills to control your own anger outbursts.
  • Develop strategies to cope with other people’s anger.
  • Unhelpful ways of dealing with anger.
  • How to use coping thoughts and relaxation techniques.
Duration: 1 x 3 hours session
Venue: Live With A Qualified Therapist Onsite, Offsite or Online Via Zoom
Start Date: On Demand
Training Style: Informal, Friendly, Confidential, Interactive
Ideal For: Managers/Directors/Employees
Group Size: 6-20 people
Cost: £450

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