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Mandi has been coaching & mentoring me for the last 2 years and has really helped me improve my approach to dealing with things in both my personal and business life. I would highly recommend her to others looking for support in either capacity.


Emma has really helped me and has provided a lovely service being both friendly and professional. I would thoroughly recommend, thankyou!


Just finished my 6 sessions and would have to say with the help from Heidi I have seen a vast improvement with my particular problem. Thank you so much and can't recommend a new beginning enough.


I would highly recommend this counselling company. They are extremely professional but connect on a very personal level to achieve such positive outcomes.


Having spent far too many years suffering mental health issues, severe anxiety and depression due to past trauma in my life. I was at my wits end. I have been having a mixture of councilling sessions, hypnotherapy and life coaching, in just a few months I have gone from being an agitated, nervous wreck to being calm and confident, happy and reasonably stress free. I have learnt that I can live in the now, my past happened but it no longer controls me. in my opinion, 100% this is worth a go!!!


Brilliant first session with Heidi, I have lot's of changes going on in my life at the moment and Heidi was sent to me for a reason I am sure, she is just what I need and can't recommend her enough.


I visited Mandi for a couple of different things. Mandi really made me challenge my own thoughts and to see the bigger picture. I felt empowered to ask difficult questions of myself and of those around me. She helped me to learn to say No and not feel guilty about it. If you want to be in charge of your destiny and play a full part in your own life then Mandi can help you to learn and gain those skills.


After an illness in summer left me with anxiety attacks when facing food I gave Mandy a call for some hypnotherapy. I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I will give it a try. I booked in for 4 sessions and all I can say is its one of the the best experiences ever, the anxiety has gone and I have more confidence and motivation than ever would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone.


Mandi helped me conquer a phobia thats gone on for about 15 years since i was a little girl. A beautiful, friendly and comfortable hypnotherapy session which is fully explained and delivered!! i would highly recomend this to anyone with any struggles or phobias. Mandi saved me and helped me conquer a phobia i never thought i would EVER !!!!


She has really helped me change the way I think about myself and helped me improve my approach to challenges.


I have been visiting Mandi for various reasons for nearly a year now she has helped me deal with various problems and helped me overcome them a face up to why certain thing affect me and how to overcome and face up to life's challenges. Thank you.


I’ve had sessions with Mandi to work on my self esteem and it’s helped me immensely I’d highly recommend her coaching sessions. A lovely welcoming environment,and Mandi is so easy to talk to working through your issues.


Really helped me talking to a very friendly understanding person, in comfortable surroundings. Would highly recommend.


I'd highly recommend these life coach sessions, I came with a number of problems the main one being a lack of self confidence and esteem. Emma has helped me not just with personal issues but work problems too. The sessions delve deep and help you to understand why you're feeling like you are. I have seen a noticeable and positive difference with how I am now. I've learnt how to feel happy with myself, this in turn has helped to strengthen relationships with my family and partner. It has massively improved my outlook on things in general.


Amazing with what she does and would highly recommend. Has made a massive difference to my family life.


I made an appointment with Mandi to try and resolve my obsession with worrying (nearly always concerning the same area(s).It seemed to be a case of me always visualising the worst would happen. With the help of Mandi I was able to look at the situation in a different more positive and accurate way. My fears always took hold whenever I was within a social situation or meeting at work, and I found myself becoming addicted to prescription pills and antidepressants to get by in those situations. Mandi was always kind and non judgemental and supplied me with some valuable tools to help me with recovery. With Mandi's guidance, I now do daily meditation or hypnotherapy (with CD), along with training my subconscious into thinking much healthier, happier and accurate thoughts. Along with the use of visualisation and deep breathing ( if stressed). I'm now happier than ever. I have now successfully reduced my medication with view to discontinuing completely. Considering I have taken antidepressants for over 20 years, I feel this has been a true feat. I would highly recommend Mandi as she is kind, caring and informative as well as a true professional.


I had counselling with Mandi over a period of time of which Mandi herself is a very warm caring lovely lady and very easy to talk to she put you at ease and. Helps you to relax in any given situation I know in the futre if I need any counselling at all I would have no hesitation to contact Mandi again I can say hand on my heart that I'm glad I meet Mandi and to the fact she help me in so many ways so if anybody thinking of using a councellor I can fully recommend Mandi A very professional lady in her job and you can see not only is she good at the coucelling but you can also see and feel the warmth that she sends out too you in each session.