Counselling & Therapy Services For Businesses

Improve Wellbeing At Work

Taking a proactive step to train your staff in mental health can pay dividends in the long run by minimising the impact of poor wellbeing in the workplace. 
What We Offer
We offer a unique wide-range of training courses, that work on the internal mind-management, cognitive & emotional pathways that people carry inside themselves, that drive our emotional and behavioural intelligence.
Our courses provide you and your team with the skills, knowledge and confidence to use what you have learned everyday and in situations when needed.
Benefits Of Training
- Boost to your mental skills
- Develop basic counselling skills
- Understand mental health
- Apply techniques to help staff
- Establish an inclusive workplace
- Learn to think positively
Our Courses Are Ideal For
- Managers
- Directors
- Employees
Training Delivery
Training can be delivered on-site or at a private venue or online. Depending on the topic, courses take 3 hours/half-day, a 6 hours/full day or 2 days.
Each course is delivered in a friendly, professional, empowering, interactive, fun way, using our unique style of NLP, CBT & Coaching strategies & techniques, ensuring the overall message & learning has a powerful impact.

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